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Our services

Digital consultancy and strategy

Talk to us, we listen to you. We will analyse your needs and suggest the technological spectrum that we consider more optimal. Our team has the knowledge and experience you need. Our consultancy and strategy projects start from the business needs of our customers. We analyse in depth the business scope of our customers in order to recommend the technological solution that best adjust. Our work team is able to prepare a suitable technological platform based on different factors such as: business niches, customer presence (physical/virtual) and geographic area.

Web development projects

We adjust your idea, your business and your needs to the required web environment: Internet, intranet, E-Commerce, Mobile… Communicate to us your objectives and we will adapt them to the most optimal and cutting-edge technologies. We have solid experience in a number of technology platforms and development languages which allow us to build usable systems, of quality and with ample possibilities for both growth and adaptation to the rest of the technological platform of the customer (connection to ERPs, CRMs, RRHH and other services).

Server management (Cloud)

We measure your needs and we take them to the Cloud. We optimise your infrastructure in order for it to be agile, scalable, inexpensive and completely customisable. The substantial improvement in communications allows locating, practically any software platform, in the Internet. Our team will help you to carry out the initial installation or migration (in the case of an existing installation), getting rid of all possible local infrastructure. In a short period of time you will perceive the benefits that the Cloud Computing can bring to your business (flexibility, cost efficiency and omnipresence).

Technology as support to the creative world / marketing

We actively collaborate with specialists in marketing, design and communication. We like to be the piece of technology that provide value to brilliant ideas. From the very beginning Iguana IT has been linked to the creative world as well as to business and/or marketing depts. We like to be technological participants of visual global projects, attractive projects and projects adapted to the commercial background of our customers. We know of technology and it is in this field where we can suggest, support and advice.

Some of our projects

Festival El Dorado: Ticket Sales and Access Control

Ticket Sales and Access Control

Application for Festival El Dorado. Ticket Sales, Access Control and Reports. Based on Liferay/Vaadin/Java EE.

Fundación para la Cultura del Vino: Wine Game

Wine Game

Application for Fundación para la Cultura del Vino. Gamification. HTML5/Vaadin mobile application.

Guía del Ocio: Portal

Guía del Ocio Web Portal

All the Leisure of Spain presented in this portal. Publishing, content management and advanced search. Developed using eZ Publish.

Securibath: Landing pages management

Landing pages management

Application for Securibath. Contacts, forms and conversion management. Based on Liferay/Java EE.